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‘Unlock Your Creativity with the Artist's Way’


This powerful ten-week course in Discovering and Recovering your Creative Self is based on the book ‘The Artist's Way’ by Julia Cameron. 

It is, in essence, a Spiritual Path initiated through creativity. The course includes the self-nurturing practices of Morning Pages, Artists' Dates and Vision Boards in an effort to reconnect with one's inner creative talents.

With over 19 years’ experience, Maureen is an experienced teacher, whose aim is to assist students to access their own unique gifts with support from the group, which is fundamental to the successful completion of the course.


Tara School of Reflexology, The Palms Health and Well-being Centre, Block C, The Avenue, Gorey, Co Wexford

Commencement Date

Wed 25th January 2023



 10.30am - 12.30 am each Wed for Ten Weeks 




How to apply

To secure a place on this course, please forward your completed application form (internal link to bookings page) to Maureen  O’Callaghan, Tara School of Reflexology, The Palms Health & Wellbeing Centre, Block C, The Avenue, Gorey, Co. Wexford. 

‘Unlock Your Creativity with the Artist's Way’ at the Gorey Adult Education Centre

Maureen has facilitated this course for the last ten years and will continue to do so post-Covid.


Adult education provides an opportunity for people to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills and, through improved co-operation and communication, to create a better community, society and environment. The Adult Education Department at Gorey Community School is a vibrant unit with accredited up-to-date courses, modern technology and professional teaching staff. We offer evening classes and courses which are constantly monitored to ensure they are relevant and contemporary, and the curriculum is tailored to the needs of the students.

Artist’s Way One-day Workshops


Summary of the key points in ‘The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron.


How to apply


To secure a place on this course, please complete our Booking Form and Maureen O’Callaghan will be in contact with you. 



Having undertaken the Artist's Way on my own on several occasions during the last ten years, it was not until I joined the Artist's Way course being run by Maureen O' Callaghan, that I really began to have a sense of just how powerful this work actually is.

I believe the support of the group is fundamental to the successful completion of the 12-week course. The interaction with kindred spirits, all endeavouring (and succeeding) to be open to creative possibilities within themselves, has encouraged me on my own journey of self-development and self-discovery. Maureen is an inspirational and motivational teacher with a deep understanding & sound knowledge of the power of the Artist's Way course. This course holds the key to being open to creativity on many levels within ourselves. 

JT Gorey

I made huge and wonderful changes to my life. Maureen, in her gentle and loving way, made us feel at ease and is the perfect facilitator for this course. I now write 3 pages each morning and now know how to find answers within. I have now rediscovered my own power. Thank you for this wonderful course.

MM Dublin

I really enjoyed Maureen's Artist's Way class. She is a very gifted facilitator, always positive, warm, and encouraging, I would highly recommend her course. 

JR Wexford

As someone who came to this course, (The Artist's Way) as a sceptic with fixed ideas, and who thought she would last 2 weeks at the most - I am now so sad that this course is nearly finished. It is the best thing I have ever done in my life and it has left me, for the first time, with a true sense of myself. I would recommend that everyone does this course: it's   brilliant! 

MT Gorey

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