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Baby Reflexology

Baby reflexology is a relaxing, safe treatment, which can be greatly beneficial for babies, as new studies have found. Babies generally respond to treatment very quickly as they don't have the same build-up of stresses and strains within their bodies that adults have.


Some conditions include:
•    Colic, wind and constipation
•    Asthma
•    Teething
•    Catarrh
•    Glue ear
•    Coughs and colds
•    Reflux
•    Anxiety
•    Sleeplessness



If you had said to me ten years ago that I would be fully engaged in having reflexology in my life, I would have not believed you. The holistic approach that Maureen uses is so powerful. It has helped me heal from bad experiences, come off medication and it has been so supportive in my pregnancy. It is now an essential part of my well-being.  

MR Dublin

I wanted to try maternity reflexology to help with the fact that my baby was in breech position and Maureen had been recommended to me as a gifted reflexologist. I found her to be fantastic. She has a wonderful calming, authentic manner, which immediately puts you at ease. The session was insightful and reflective. I felt a strong response to the deeper significance of the work that she did, and the baby was very active during the treatment. The following day I had a scan and the baby had turned into the correct position. I know that this was thanks to the session with Maureen. I continue to see her for reflexology treatments throughout the year and I always leave her sessions feeling relaxed and empowered.

CS Gorey

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