Reflexology Practitioner Diploma Course


The Reflexology Practitioner Diploma Course syllabus comprises the following seven modules that will involve 150 hours of tutorials over a minimum period of 14 months and 100 hours of case studies.

  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Reflexology
  3. Therapeutics
  4. Nutrition
  5. Clinical Training/Case Studies
  6. Practitioner Development and Ethics
  7. Research

1. Anatomy & Physiology

This module teaches the structure and functions of the human body, giving the student a comprehensive understanding of the bodily systems and conditions associated with them. The body systems: Histology (the Cells), Skeletal System, Circulatory System, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Urinary System, Endocrine System, Lymphatic System, Reproductive System, Muscular System, Nervous System and Integumentary System.

2. Reflexology

This module provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles, the history and the origins of reflexology. It outlines the contra-indications and cautions and offers a reflective and holistic approach to the therapy and to health and well-being. It outlines the zones and their functions and provides an understanding of the need for case studies.

3. Therapeutics

This module provides a comprehensive understanding of reflexology therapy. It will enable the student to interpret and use foot and hand reflexology charts. It will help identify the way in which reflex points on the feet and hands relate to the body. It will offer students an understanding of the observing and the addressing of the feet. This module will show the student how to implement the sequence of a reflexology treatment with competence and skill. Students will gain an understanding of reactions during treatment, as well as the importance of monitoring treatment in case studies.

4. Nutrition

This module provides an introduction to nutrition (the comprehensive understanding of food and diet) as a means of maintaining health and wellbeing. It will discuss the importance and necessity for water, the components of a healthy diet, the nutritional requirements for specific conditions: i.e. heart, cancer, baby nutrition, fertility, menopause, digestive complaints and diabetes. The nutrition module outlines the common food additives and explains the place of micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients.

5. Clinical Training/Case Studies

As part of this reflexology course students are required to prepare and submit written data on 100 hours of case studies. Tutorials will be given on how to complete case studies. These studies are structured treatments on the student’s family and friends. This activity is supervised through written reports and is performed outside class hours. Students will be required to report on the treatment given. Case histories handed in at the end of the course are evaluated on presentation, as well as on technique, approach professionalism and personal evaluation.

6. Practitioner Development and Ethics

This module provides a comprehensive understanding of good practice – the IRI code of practice and professional conduct. The student will learn how to communicate effectively. This will encompass the correct referral procedure to other health care professionals and the identification of individuals at risk. Consultation sheets and clients’ record keeping, health & safety requirements, and knowledge of data protection policy and information technology will be covered.

7. Research Methodology

This module provides an introduction to an understanding of current research and development using anecdotal evidence of the benefits of reflexology.


Each class is divided into a theory section and practical section. Throughout the course, home-study will include worksheets and case studies. At the beginning of each class for practical home study there will be worksheets for the first half of the course and case studies to complete for the second half. At the conclusion of the course there will be two final examinations – one theory and one practical (a full reflexology treatment) with an external examiner. Final results are graded, and a diploma certificate will be awarded to successful candidates.

Health Insurance

All reflexology graduates have access to membership of the Irish Reflexologist’s Institute (I.R.I.) and, through this body, their clients can claim treatment refunds from the following health insurance companies: Laya Healthcare, Irish Life Health and VHI Healthcare.

The course fee covers tuition fees, course manuals and tea/coffee refreshments.


It is important that all classes are attended.


See the location map on the Contact us page.

Tara School of Reflexology, The Palms Health & Wellbeing Centre, Block C, The Avenue, Gorey, Co. Wexford.

Commencement Date

Date to be advised.


14 months (approximately 150 hours)

One weekend a month for 12 months, including 100 hours of case studies over two months.




MMc Wicklow
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I have attended a few courses over the years including The Artist's Way and more recently the 14-month Reflexology Diploma Course.

Taking on the commitment of the 14-month Reflexology course was a big decision for me, and I am so glad that I chose Maureen to study with. Maureen kept us on track with the Anatomy and Physiology parts of the course, which I found difficult after being away from study for over 20 years. She gave us exam type questions for homework which meant that we had to spend time on the theory part of the course at home. Maureen also split the theory exam into shorter exams over the duration of the course, which made the theory study and exam success possible for me.

In relation to the practical part of the course, Maureen taught from a very authentic place, keeping us very much focused on self-care of mind and body so that we could also work from an intuitive and centred perspective. I had also trained in Reiki and Rahanni and Maureen's approach to Reflexology resonated very well with me.

In healing work, the theoretical knowledge is, no doubt, very important, but the balance between mental and intuitive knowledge is what makes a good reflexologist into a great reflexologist, and Maureen trains great reflexologists.
SF Louth
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When we began our Diploma Reflexology course with Maureen, she said we would learn much more than reflexology. We did, in every positive way. Not only did I study the wonderful discipline of reflexology from one of Ireland's best practitioners, I learned about myself and self-acceptance. Maureen is so knowledgeable, supportive and intuitive.

Join her course!
ND Wexford
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Maureen O Callaghan is a unique and very gifted reflexologist.

I had the pleasure of her wisdom and educational skills as I trained to be a reflexologist at the Tara School of Reflexology in Gorey in 2017/2018.

Under her guidance I learned, honed and developed my reflexology skills in a practical and unassuming yet educational environment. There as student reflexologists we were nurtured and encouraged and always supported for the duration of the 14 or so months of our training.

I will always look back on my time with Maureen at Tara School of Reflexology in fondness and I couldn't recommend Maureen enough as a reflexology tutor.
MT Wicklow
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I undertook training with Maureen O’Callaghan at the Tara School of Reflexology in 2015, as a refresher to a course I'd taken more than 20 years previously. It was such a wonderful, enlightening, and holistic experience. Having spent many years training in both conventional & complementary medicine, I never experienced anything like the level of human kindness and selflessness that Maureen showed to my classmates and me. One of the many learnings I really got this time, was to trust in the client’s ability to heal themselves and in our intuitive instinct as regards the best treatment for the client. I am also on my reiki training journey.

I am delighted to now be practising reflexology & reiki and if I bring to the practice even some of the skill and healing that Maureen does, I will be giving my clients a great gift.

Maureen continues to offer support through a reflexology network group and chat group.
NM Kildare
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I completed the Tara School of Reflexology diploma course with Maureen in 2018. I developed an interest in reflexology having received treatments from Maureen. The healing power of reflexology amazed me and I was so excited to have the opportunity to learn to be a reflexologist. The course was interesting, informative, well laid out and allowed for life-changing personal development. Maureen is a wonderful teacher, encouraging, supportive and an inspiration every step of the way!

I could not recommend this course highly enough!

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